The Technical Department

Successful property promotion stands or falls in the crucial execution phase of a project. That is why IMMOBEL has put together a team of technical experts capable of delivering top-quality, pioneering projects geared to contemporary urban needs.

Staffed by engineers and architects, IMMOBEL’s Technical Department benefits from a wide variety of different professional profiles. Some members of the team came from design bureaus, while others started their careers in project management or have a general business background.

We have to be generalists in order to be able to speak to a large variety of people – architects, design bureaus, clients, entrepreneurs, lawyers, urban planners, and so on. That is why the wealth of different career paths and construction experience in the team allows us to be more effective and to inspire an innovative vision”, explains Rudi Op ‘T Roodt, Head of Technical at IMMOBEL Belgium.

This mixture of skills is also an asset in after-sales service, which is an essential element for residential clients.  In addition, the climate of excellence in the department is further strengthened by the opportunities for development that IMMOBEL offers its talented staff. “Having spent a year in the Belgian team, I have been promoted as head of a service of 6 in Luxembourg, a sign of great confidence, which reflects the dynamism of the group and an ambition to continue growing”, says Nicolas Ector, Head of Technical at IMMOBEL Luxembourg.

Optimizing projects by exchanging ideas

The process of participation that is specific to IMMOBEL strongly encourages teams to get together internally and exchange as much expertise as possible to the advantage of their ambitious projects.

Each promotion project benefits from constant communication with the development, financial and legal departments, which is advantageous both for the financial structuring of the projects and the level of risk”,

explains Arnaud Gryp, Technical Director at IMMOBEL Belgium. “This way of working, initiated by Marnix Galle and Alexander Hodac, is extremely enriching from a human point of view. The flexibility it engenders makes it possible to use our internal resources highly efficiently and to build projects that are real urban gems,” adds Jean-Luc Brossel, also Technical Director at IMMOBEL Belgium.

Openness: a guarantee of success

Starting with the acquisition phase the technical department can help the development department considerably by analysing the building and giving them advice on the feasibility of a project.

You never succeed in a project by sticking to a pre-conceived idea, but by constant questioning and reassessment”, says Charles-Antoine Schobbens, Technical Director of IMMOBEL Belgium. “Apart from technical mastery, which is irrefutable in the department, human qualities are fundamental. Construction requires inventiveness and ingenuity, as well as a powerful ability to communicate. And finally, we are aware that it is the courage that the work on the ground involves that makes it possible to realise each project.

On the look-out for new technical developments

As a major player in real estate, IMMOBEL is committed to anticipating the needs of the cities of the future and to designing projects that reflect societal changes at an international level.

Today, the future of real estate development lies in a strategy of expansion into new markets in Europe. But I am confident, because IMMOBEL has a magnificent portfolio of iconic projects and our department is composed of people whose knowhow and open-mindedness are beyond doubt. We have the capacity to reinvent ourselves constantly to meet new challenges in the technical field”, concludes Rudi Op ‘T Roodt.