The Legal Department

Immobel’s Legal Department, which is responsible for all legal and contractual aspects of projects, has a talented and experienced team. Its purpose is to give guidance to the other departments and provide them with effective support through the different phases that characterise a development project.

The department, which has expertise in property contracts and regulatory issues, relies on the skills of six people in Belgium and a specialist in Poland and in Luxembourg. Several of its members have worked at well-known law firms. It includes profiles of at least 10 to 15 years’ experience and offers its personnel a highly effective structure that values proactivity. ‘When we needed to add to the team, I wanted to recruit some senior profiles,’ explains Sophie Grulois, Head of Legal at Immobel. We made a point of hiring people who are highly autonomous in terms of producing quality work, while at the same time further refining the department’s expertise and creating synergies that would enrich everyone involved. Having such a high level of competence has the effect of raising standards generally. Moreover, this high degree of autonomy saves me from having to spend all my time on management and allows me to maintain some involvement in operational activities. That diversity is highly personally rewarding.‘

Supporting projects

The Legal Department closely supports the project developer and the technical and financial teams to help them successfully complete developments that will have a real impact on the future of cities. This highly efficient operational approach ensures better risk analysis and the faster conclusion of agreements.

We’re involved in a wide variety of issues, which is exciting. You have to take an interest in the whole project so that you’re ready to intervene on the ground.’


Excellence in complementarity

Each member of the team is responsible for a development project from start to finish and through until the time of sale. As a result, he or she has a comprehensive overview, preventing any loss of information.

‘The department also has lawyers who were already present in the Group before the merger,’ say Legal Counsel Dominik Debusscher. During our career within the organisation we have built up a memory of Immobel's portfolio and an extensive knowledge of the legal issues for office and land banking projects.’

Residential complexes are equally well looked after: the team benefits from the services of two people who work in close collaboration with the Customer Care Department to facilitate purchasing procedures and the execution of deeds.

Immobel: unique dynamism

We are encouraged to excel and to show initiative,’ explains Stephanie De Wilde, Legal Counsel. ‘We all have to avoid getting fixated on a theoretical approach to projects. This transparent spirit and highly “can do” attitude is really stimulating!‘

Excellent communication, a constant quest to perfect the quality of developments and the simplification of processes: such are the ingredients of success for a team that combines exacting standards and great passion.

‘As legal counsels, our ambition is to add value and provide solutions,’ concludes Sophie Grulois. Our lawyers are highly involved and driven by a profoundly positive vision of their role. They want to contribute to the Group's development and help it grow in an international environment.’