The Development Department

As a visionary urban player, the Immobel Group is implementing a global strategy to master all the specialist skills involved in property development. This intelligent approach gives each of the developers a fantastic opportunity to manage projects that are redesigning the city.

To fulfil its role as thinker for the metropolitan areas of the future, Immobel has put together a team of talented individuals with different profiles – architect, engineer, representative –, all of whom are motivated by the desire to bring genuine added value to their projects.

After learning the ropes in some other influential property companies, I wanted to join a group with proven expertise,” explains Adel Yahia, Chief Operating Development Officer. “Marnix Galle, Executive Chairman, has an ambitious vision for the property business and sets clear objectives. I support him in this growth strategy, and I am delighted in the trust he have placed in me by inviting me to take over as head of the development department. The agility and versatility of this talented team can be shown not only in Belgium but also in other markets. We are very fortunate to have a wealth of highly developed expertise which can be exported and bear fruit abroad”.


Strong synergies and dynamic communication

The excellence of the team is further strengthened by a particularly efficient way of operating, which allows the developer in charge of the project to rely on the best professionals in the market. Supported by a technical expert, he can also count on the expertise of the sales team and the external representatives. Such interactions ensure a perfect assessment of the commercial potential and the feasibility of the project from the start.

Furthermore, this effective communication within the department encourages everyone to make a difference: “We are constantly raising our game in our developments,” continues Olivier Thiel, Development Director. “In addition, being able to collaborate with the best providers – architects, landscapers, technical experts – on major projects in Belgium and abroad is a source of great achievement for all the members of the team.”

These synergies are also encouraged through the sharing of expertise and ideas among the developers from the different countries in which Immobel operates. Such valuable exchanges help to cement the conditions for their success.


Optimal risk coverage

From checking data to anticipating critical situations, Immobel takes the necessary steps to assess the risks and respond to the adjustments needed to manage the projects successfully.

Our joint work and the cumulative expertise within the team means that we can identify the right contact person – particularly in legal matters – and react very effectively when faced with obstacles. And all within a very short space of time,” adds Yannick Pannier, Development Director.


Anticipating the new ways of living

Throughout the economic and societal changes of recent years, the department has also done some exciting work to identify new acquisition and design opportunities. “A good professional must have a flair, a sensitivity, for innovation in order to be receptive to residents, authorities and emerging urban habits,” concludes Nicolas Deremince, Development Director. “Immobel gives us an extraordinary opportunity to support these future challenges in a practical way. We are, for example, committed to promoting a greater mix of uses for buildings: common areas, coworking or study spaces, local services.”

These new ways of living and working are at the heart of Immobel’s project portfolio and reflect an innovative, positive concept of real estate, one that is shared by its team of developers.