The Immobel advisors – sales teams, interior architects, furnishing specialists, decorators – personally guide buyers from their first visit, in order to understand their needs and their wishes. They then support them during the whole of the acquisition process, from the signature of the letter of intent to buy, to the final contract. During this time, at each stage of advancement of the work-site, the client management team acts as a link between all of those involved in the building, and replies rapidly to the questions of the future occupants.  Once the contract is signed, constant follow-up of the advancement of works begins, right up to final delivery of the apartment.

Phase 1: Optimising the layout plan

During this stage, the Immobel teams study the technical feasibility of the modifications (non load-bearing elements and building skeleton) desired by the future occupants. Buyers are provided with suggestions which best suit their way of life, the way they will move around in the apartment, so that their future home perfectly corresponds to their needs…or even surpasses them.


Phase2 : Making the best technical choices

Kitchen, sanitary installations, electrics, heating… it is time to pay attention to the most suitable options for a comfortable life. The role of the Immobel representative is to think of all the elements and technical choices (positioning of the plugs, sanitary installations) which the buyer may not necessarily have given much though to, but which are nevertheless essential for his well-being.


Phase 3: Fine-tuning each area

During this stage, buyers define the interior which suits them: tiles, earthenware, parquet flooring and doors. They can count on their advisor to guarantee a wide selection of fine materials with the best price-quality ratio. They also benefit from the work of reliable suppliers, guaranteeing irreproachable quality in the final result. At the end of this stage, they take possession of their apartment in the sure knowledge that it fully meets their requirements.