The Customer Service department

The customer service department, who are truly passionate about interior design and architecture, have found within the Immobel Residential Projects Advisory team a world that lives up to their sense of connection with others and their willingness to take up new challenges.

The team supports the residential customers who purchase their apartment on plan. The level of quality offered at Immobel makes it possible to personalise the layout, toilet facilities, kitchens, finishing and electricity. “We therefore intervene in the early stages and throughout the implementation process”, explains Marie-Charlotte Van Den Daelen, Residential Projects Advisor at Immobel. “We modify and optimise the plans taking into account the customers’ wishes, we deal with their concerns and we make proposals in order to obtain the best tailor-made result possible.”

Within the department, the members of the team are bound by their deep taste of interior design.

“Having grown up with a father who was a general contractor, I knew from the age of ten that I wanted to pursue a career in the building industry. At the end of my interior design studies, I had a somewhat idealised view of the profession and quickly realised that a position in an architectural office would not entirely satisfy my curiosity and desire for challenge. After working for a few months for a carpentry company where I was learned about custom finishes, I was hired by ALLFIN in June 2015 and stayed with Immobel after the merger. What a revelation!”  testifies Valentine Van Malleghem, the head of the department.

“I was lucky enough to be given a lot of responsibility very quickly. Since then, I have flourished in charge of a team of five people. We are a close-knit group that is very committed to satisfying our customers.”

“It is a real pleasure for us to follow the different phases of housing construction through the eyes of the future inhabitants”, completes Heidi Bosteels, Residential Projects Advisor.                                                                     

“The variety in this role allows the team to work with many different players: architects, engineers, private individuals, investors, suppliers, each with their own expertise ...” underlines Didier De Vriese, Technical Consultant & Customer Support at Immobel. “Every day brings its share of challenges so we never get bored!”

This enthusiasm is widely shared: “I especially like the social side of my job at Immobel”, resumes Erik Strypsteen, Residential Projects Advisor. “Construction can be a stressful stage for buyers without building experience. Our customers see us as people they can trust.”

Helping the clients find concrete solutions provides opportunities for exciting interaction with the team and their technical director. For each manager of the department, the most important thing is to harness all the know-how to find a balance between aesthetics and budget and thus create a beautiful, functional and efficient space.

“Helping to create high-quality design apartments that are appreciated by the occupants is a very formative and rewarding experience, ... I learn and progress at every level”, concludes Marie-Lise Moetwil, Residential Projects Advisor.  “That's why I feel privileged to have the opportunity to combine my passion for architecture and a profession that gives me so much satisfaction!”