INFINITY, one of the biggest building projects of the year gets under way

INFINITY, one of the biggest building projects of the year gets under way

Immobel Luxembourg announces the end of the earthworks and the start of the building of its flagship project in Luxembourg.

In partnership with the joint venture GALERE - BAM Lux - CEGELEC, Immobel Luxembourg announces the start of the foundation and building works of its iconic project INFINITY, located at the gateway to Kirchberg. 150 top-end apartments, a shopping mall, an iconic office building, a new public square, all soon to be served by a tram station, these works will mobilise considerable capital to shape new life in the Kirchberg district. Starting in October 2017, the works to redesign the gateway to Kirchberg will proceed gradually and in sequence, starting with the office building, to be delivered between September and October 2019. The shopping mall will be completed by the end of September 2019 with a view to opening at the end of 2019. Finally, the construction of the residential tower will start in December 2017 for a key handover during the first half of 2020.

The FUAK competition that gave rise to the project was based on mixity of use to guarantee the programme's integration with its environment. In addition to the 6,800 square metre office space and the new offices of Allen & Overy, the shopping mall, with 1,950 m² of public space, will offer 6,500 m² of shops and other amenities such as numerous cafés and restaurants, a laundrette, a supermarket and other socialising spaces and local services to ensure the everyday neighbourhood buzz and bustle. Finally, the project, importing the American residence with amenities concept, will include the first high-rise residential building in Luxembourg. Rising 104 metres, the tower, with all amenities, will house 150 exceptional apartments with spectacular views of the city.

"The ideal city is based on well-identified components: accessibility, sociability, local services and the connection between shops, services, leisure, culture and the tertiary and residential areas. We like to develop balanced and attractive concepts, creating bonds and emotions. The INFINITY project and its leitmotif LIVE. SHOP. WORK are a perfect illustration of this" Olivier Bastin, CEO Immobel Luxembourg, adds.

One of the biggest projects of the year

Designed by the American architect Bernardo Fort-Brescia of the firm Arquitectonica in collaboration with the Luxembourg firm M3 architectes, the INFINITY mixed-use project will enlist three high-rise cranes to carry out this extraordinary project. Built on a 7,950 m² footprint (excluding exterior landscaping), the general contractor will have to erect 4,300 linear metres of columns, capable of supporting the 30,000 tons of the tower itself.

"A project of this magnitude demonstrates our group's expertise when it comes to big challenges! We have experience in large projects, such as the construction of the Tour des Finances in Liège, which rises to 136 metres," says Henri Ernst, Deputy CEO of Galère.

Located on a plot of 10,702 m² at the crossroads of the rue du Fort Niedergrünewald and the Avenue JF Kennedy, the works will deploy 24,400 m² of glazed façades to play with the reflections of the city.

After 3 years of study and 7 months of earthworks, no less than 20,000 m³ of concrete, 2,500 tons of steel and nearly 700,000 hours of work will be required for the construction of the project.

By 2020, INFINITY will be part of the district revitalisation programme, reflecting the Kirchberg plateau's transformation into an even more attractive and dynamic area.

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